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underage vapingThose who oppose vaping and see it as a threat to teens commonly cite that ecigarette companies market to children by offering ejuice flavours that appeal to young people. But think about this – how different are the flavours for ecigarettes from those offered by liquor companies?

Alcohol is available in hundreds of different flavours that could conceivably be appealing to children. Just because ecigarette companies offer appealing flavours does not mean they are marketed to kids, or that we are enticing them to try vaping. Adults enjoy having a variety of ejuice flavours to choose from. Being able to vary the vaping experience is part of what makes it so great.

No matter which side of the debate you’re on, our stance on underage vaping is clear:

If you are younger than legal smoking age in your area, then you should not be vaping, and we don’t want your business.

Ecigarettes are for adults. However, much like alcohol, cigarettes, and anything else that young people find interesting, they can and will get their hands on it if they want to. This is the nature of youth society. This also means that vaping companies, parents and fellow vapers have the responsibility to educate children and work collaboratively to prevent underage vaping.

Vaping Is Not a Gateway to Smoking

Many people assume that vaping is a gateway to smoking. However, a recent study found this not to be the case:

  • Researchers surveyed 1,300 college students
  • 43 students said their first nicotine product was an ecigarette
  • Only one person of the 43 went on to smoke cigarettes regularly
  • The overwhelming majority who started with ecigs are not currently using any nicotine or tobacco product

Only 43 of 1,300 chose to try ecigs over traditional cigarettes as their first nicotine experience, and only one smokes cigarettes regularly – hardly a gateway to smoking. But the important thing to note is that youth are still vaping underage, and this needs to be addressed.

What Can We Do to Prevent Underage Vaping?

  • Educate children about the risks
  • Make it clear to kids that vaping is for adults only
  • Keep ecigs out of reach of children
  • Avoid vaping around kids and teens – they tend to mimic the habits of their parents

From an industry perspective, ecig companies need to work together to ensure underage kids cannot get their hands on ecigarettes. This will help us take the next step towards mainstream legitimization. All it takes is for one company or store owner to get caught selling ecigs to teens to give our entire industry a bad name. So we at Vapor Jedi want to be clear again:

Vaping is for adults only. We will not serve anyone under the legal smoking age in their area.

Do you have kids at home? What steps do you think we should take to keep ecigs out of the hands of teens and prevent use?

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They say cleanliness is next to Godliness, and your ecigarette is no exception to that rule. Your first clue that it’s time to clean your ecig will probably be one or more of  these  ecigarette issues.

  • Is your ecig  producing less vapor than normal?
  • Do you notice a different or odd taste?
  • Is your ecigarette more difficult to draw on than it used to be?

ecig cleanerIf you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are good it’s time to clean your ecig and its parts. Here’s how:

Unscrew your ecigarette atomizer and blow into its tapered end, catching any liquid with a tissue or a paper towel. Do this several times until no liquid escapes and you hear free-flowing air instead of a gurgling clogged sound.

Then, using a tightly wrapped Q-tip or paper towel twist, gently swab the inside of the atomizer with rubbing alcohol until the dark residue is gone. Flush the atomizer under the hottest water available followed by a dry wipe with a clean tip or towel.

You also need to clean your battery contact and your ecigarette charger (unplugged, of course!) using the same Q-tip and alcohol method described above (no hot water rinse this time).

Let everything air-dry thoroughly before plugging in your charger and re-connecting your battery. Overnight is best, but if you’re in a hurry, a hairdryer will do the trick.

Ecigarettes are easier to clean if you don’t allow them to get cluttered with ejuice in the first place. So after using about 30 ml. of ejuice, give your ecigarette a thorough cleaning to ensure peak performance. If you’re switching flavors in the same e-cig, give it a quick clean-up to avoid flavor contamination – or not…  strawberry/banana, chocolate/caramel, apple/cinnamon, yum!

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vaping etiquetteVaping in public is a hot topic in many communities. There is a lot of debate about whether ecigarettes in Canada should be treated similar to smoking or if it should have its own set of bylaws.

While many city councils debate electronic cigarette health risks and how to address ecigarette use in public, vapers are stuck in a weird social and political limbo.

No one is really sure where and when it is okay to vape. Is it okay to vape indoors? Are ecigs safe to use in public? Should they follow similar protocols to smoking? Should there be a new set of rules for vaping?

It can tough for newbies, and even for experienced vapers, to fully understand the rules around what’s socially acceptable. What is the proper vaping etiquette? Although there is no concrete set of rules, common sense should always prevail.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of vaping etiquette best practices to keep top of mind:

  • Ask before vaping indoors: Whether you are at a friend’s house, at the office, or at a restaurant, always ask before vaping. Establishments have different rules and viewpoints about vaping in public. Never assume it’s okay to vape.
  • Don’t try to force vaping on others: We know you love vaping, but this doesn’t mean you should try to push it on everyone you know.  Would you want someone else imposing their hobby on you? Probably not.
  • Don’t use other people’s ecigs without asking: Whether you are new to vaping or curious about trying ecigarettes, it’s important to understand that vaping is a very personal thing. Always ask before using someone else’s ecig.
  • Keep your vapor clouds to yourself: Even fellow vapers can find it annoying when you blow a huge vapor cloud in their direction. Keep the vapor smoke tricks to yourself.
  • Avoid vaping around children, if possible: Even though ecigarette side effects are minimal, it’s a good practice to avoid vaping when children are present, especially if they are not your children. Go outside or into another room.
  • Use common sense when vaping in public: At the end of the day, vaping etiquette really comes down to using your common sense. Be respectful of people’s personal space, ask if you are unsure, and respect other’s wishes.

Vaping etiquette is about respecting those around you. With all the recent talk about changing Canadian ecigarette bylaws, it is up to vapers to set a good example. Don’t be a jerk about vaping in public. Even if you’re outside, be conscious of where you are blowing your vapor cloud. Make the effort to respect non-vapers. The last thing you want to do is give vapers a bad reputation!

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Ecig Facts - Man VapingEcigs are growing in popularity, that’s no news flash. But as the vaping industry continues to attract more mainstream media attention, it leaves users with some confusion about ecig facts vs fiction. Let’s debunk some ecig myths and set the record straight.

Here are 8 cool ecig facts you didn’t know about vaping:

  1. The First Ever Vaper was invented in the 1960s: According to CigElectric, “In 1963, Herbert A. Gilbert patented a device described as ‘a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette.’ The device heated a nicotine liquid and produced vapor. He was approached by various businesses that were interested in manufacturing the device, but it never happened; and this firstelectronic cigarette disappeared from public record in 1967.”
  2. There is no smoke involved: Nothing burns and no smoke is produced when you inhale an ecig. When you take a hit on your ecig, vapor fills your mouth, you hold it for a few seconds, and exhale. You do not have to inhale the vapor into your lungs. Nicotine is absorbed through the mucus membranes in your mouth and nose.
  3. Second-hand exposure to vapor has no health risks: A recent study by French scientists found that vapor from ecigs dissolves within 11 seconds, drawing the conclusion that exposure to second hand ecig vapor poses no risk to the public.
  4. On average, ecigs are cheaper than smoking cigarettes: The average yearly cost for a pack-a-day smoker is about $3650 ($10/pack x 365 days a year = $3650 per year), whereas the estimated cost of a starter kit and one-year supply of ecig supplies is about $600-$700. Also, a single ecigarette cartridge lasts close to 40 times longer than a regular cigarette, giving you more bang for your buck.
  5. The concentration of nicotine in traditional cigarettes is 10 times higher than in ecigarettes: “A recent study published in the Oxford Journals’ Nicotine and Tobacco Research Journal showed that while both regular cigarette smoke and electronic cigarette vapor contain nicotine, the concentration in traditional cigarettes is 10 times higher than in e-cigarettes. Additionally, the study found that ecig vapor did not contain many of the toxic products found in regular cigarette smoke,” says Clarence Wurley.
  6. Eliquid ingredients are not a mystery: Eliquid ingredients are openly discussed. They are included in product descriptions and the information is widely available online by ejuice producers and retailers.
  7. Ecigarettes have been studied extensively: Some say about vaping, “But we don’t have enough data yet.” Simply not true. Vaping has been studied extensively by scientists, major universities and consumer groups for many years and there is plenty of information available to the public.
  8. The industry has started self-regulating: Previously, there were no regulations in the ecig industry. Today, the effort to make strides toward industry-wide regulations continues. So far, self-regulations include packaging with warnings and child resistant caps, and eliquids are now being developed in sterile lab settings.

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Vaping e-cigarette eliquid

“We found that e-cigarettes appear to be less addictive than tobacco cigarettes in a large sample of long-term users,” said Jonathan Foulds.
Image: ©iStock Photo mauro_grigollo

Penn State Study Says Yes, Eliquid is Less Addictive than Tobacco

Once vaping and ecigarettes started growing in popularity, it was only a matter of time before they started being compared to their traditional counterpart. People are curious about the similarities and differences between smoking cigarettes and vaping ecigarettes.


Among the most common questions posed by potential ecig vapers…

“Is eliquid less addictive than tobacco?”

Even though they are so often compared, cigarettes and ecigs are very different. For example, eliquid doesn’t produce smoke, it produces vapor, which not only makes vaping a completely different experience, but it also affects health in a very different way than tobacco and nictine.

E-cigarettes are less addictive than traditional cigarettes

According to a 2014 ecig study from the Penn State College of Medicine, that is. “We found that e-cigarettes appear to be less addictive than tobacco cigarettes in a large sample of long-term users,” said Jonathan Foulds, Professor of Public Health Sciences and Psychiatry, Penn State College of Medicine.

The study focused on more than 3,500 ex-smokers who currently vape ecigs. Published in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research, the results showed that:

  • Ecig users wait longer in the day for their first vape when compared to smokers
  • Approximately 25% of ecigarette users felt anxious when they don’t have ecigs, compared to a whopping 90% of smokers who say they feel anxious without cigarettes
  • Smokers are more likely than ecig users to wake up in the middle of the night to smoke
  • Ecigarettes are no more addictive than nicotine patches, in the short term
  • After 3 months, ecig users are less dependent on eliquid than those using a nicotine patch or gum

“We don’t have long-term health data of e-cig use yet, but any common sense analysis says that e-cigs are much less toxic,” says Foulds. “And our paper shows that they appear to be much less addictive, as well. So in both measures, they seem to have advantages when you’re concerned about health.”

This is good news for ecig users! We’ll continue to shed light on vaping eliquid, but we want to hear from you, too! Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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vaping throat hitOne of the most common and frequently misunderstood terms you will see when reading about ecigarettes and vaping is “throat hit.”

Sounds violent. Don’t worry, it’s not. A throat hit is nothing like a throat punch, so don’t panic.

Just wanted to get that cleared up.


So what exactly is a throat hit?

To smokers (or former smokers), a throat hit is the physical feeling you experience in the back of your throat when you inhale. If you’ve smoked regular cigarettes, you know exactly what I’m talking about. And if you’re choosing eliquids that have nicotine, chances are that you smoke — be it a lot of a little — or you used to smoke and are making the transition to vaping. Many vapers say that physical sensation of the throat hit is a major factor in their overall vaping experience.

One of the first things you will notice when you try electronic cigarettes for the first time is that the throat hit is different from the sensation you experience when inhaling traditional cigarette smoke. And if you’ve never smoked, it’ll be a unique experience all its own.

There are two main factors that will impact your throat hit sensation:

  1. Nicotine level: Basically, the higher concentration of nicotine in the eliquid, the stronger the hit. Nicotine  levels between 8–16mg provide most vapers with an noticeable throat hit similar to that of smoking an average cigarette.
  1. Eliquid ingredients: Not all eliquids contain nicotine. Many ejuices are completely nicotine free. But that doesn’t mean there’s no throat hit. Various flavours and ingredients, like menthol, grain alcohol, cinnamon and capsaicin, will impact throat hit sensations. These ingredients are often used to replicate the nicotine throat hit, but are used in ejuices with little to no nicotine concentration.

Other factors that may impact the intensity level are ecig wattage (the more powerful the ecig, the stronger the hit) and the propylene glycol (PG) content (that’s the smoke-like vapor you see).

Finding your ideal throat hit sensation

We can’t tell you what your “ideal” throat hit would be–that’s a personal preference. Some people prefer a light sensation while others crave a stronger hit. Preferences can also change over time. Fortuntely, vaping allows you to continuously change and experiment with different throat hit levels to find the one that suits your taste today.

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Eliquid FlavoursOne of the first things that people new to ecigs quickly realize is the sheer number of ecig flavours they have to choose from. There are literally hundreds of e-liquid flavours, making it tough to know where to start. But don’t let that get in your way! It’s super important to choose an ecigarette flavour that you will enjoy – it’s arguably one of the most important factors to creating an enjoyable vaping experience.

Choosing an Eliquid Flavour

The truth is that you will most likely spend more time exploring e-cig flavor options than anything else. The first thing to understand is that ecig flavours fall into a number of core categories:

  • Tobacco flavours
  • Dessert flavours
  • Fruit flavours
  • Menthol flavours
  • Other flavours

Start by choosing the categories that appeal to you, and start with just one or two flavours. At first, consider purchasing smaller doses and sampler packs to try a larger variety of flavours.

3 Quick Flavour Selection Tips

  1. What do you prefer? Are you used to smoking regular cigarettes? Do you prefer sweet flavours over bitter flavours? Do you want a light or strong taste? Asking these questions will help you narrow down your preferences.
  1. Try a few to start. While it may be tempting, try to resist the urge to buy every flavour that sounds delicious (‘cuz that’d be all of them!). Save your money until you know what you like. Start with a select few, get a feel for what resonates and then start exploring beyond the basic eliquid flavours.
  1. Remember ejuice strength. Even though the flavour may be appealing, if the e liquid has a higher nicotine concentration than you’re used to, you may not like it. Be sure to double check that you’re getting the right amount of nicotine concentration when you place your ejuice order.

The beauty of electronic cigarettes is that you always have a massive selection of flavours! Start with a few then expand your pallete over time.

Have a personal favourite? Leave us a comment below and tell us which flavours you like best.!

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