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Medical MarijuanaThe benefits of medical marijuana have been known for years. But until quite recently, rolling a joint or baking a batch of brownies has been the only way to get relief. It comes as no surprise to us that vaping is quickly overtaking previous methods of marijuana ingestion, and in fact, in a large study of medical marijuana users, vaporizers ranked highest in satisfaction, meaning that patients felt most functional after vaping cannabis rather than smoking or eating it.

While the study did not investigate specific side effects of vaping marijuana, some participants said vaporizers produced a more clear-headed “high.” Cannabis vapor can be inhaled in shorter and shallower puffs, whereas other smoking devices usually require deeper and larger breaths, which can be uncomfortable for new users.

Pain and nausea are the main reasons patients ask for a marijuana prescription. Multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease can cause incredibly tortuous muscle spasms. Cancer can cause relentless pain, and chemotherapy treatment debilitating nausea. When marijuana is vaped, relief is almost instantaneous, poor appetite is fixed and pain is a thing of the past. The relaxation aspect of weed doesn’t hurt either.

How does medical marijuana work?

You may wonder how and why it works. Our bodies already make chemicals that affect pain, inflammation and other symptoms.  Marijuana enhances those natural chemicals, making them work better. Almost all of us know of a cancer patient who had to have relatives or friends buy illegal weed just to alleviate chemo treatment nausea.

Medical marijuana can be smoked as a joint or in a pipe, eaten in the aforementioned brownies or candy, swallowed as a liquid extract and now vaporized (heated until the active ingredients are released but no smoke is formed).  Side effects may include dizziness, drowsiness, giddiness and euphoria, pain relief and increased appetite.

Many physicians and patients believe vaping is a better way of consuming marijuana. Not only do they trust that vaping marijuana rather than smoking it eliminates harmful toxins, they think it’s healthier for your lungs. Perhaps more importantly to patients, it delivers faster relief than any other method including topical application.

We’re not advocating smoking weed – we’re just providing information that may be helpful to you or a friend or a family member who is suffering. Before vaping marijuana, get your doctor’s okay, and remember that those who are pregnant, have heart disease or a mental disorder and are under the legal smoking age are exempt and should not use marijuana.


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ecigarette use by teensElectronic cigarettes and vaping have been getting their fair share of negative press as recently. Proponents against the use of ecigarettes regularly claim that they are a gateway to smoking for teens. What they often fail to mention is that when you compare vaping to other things, such as drinking and drug use, vaping is not as big of an issue.

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) released its 2015 survey about drug and alcohol use by high-school students in Ontario. The study found that 12 percent of students reported using ecigarettes in the past year.

“Survey results also showed that in 2015 more students used electronic cigarettes than tobacco cigarettes. Nine percent of students in grades seven to 12 said they smoked regular cigarettes during the past year, while 12 percent, an estimated 107,800 individuals, said they had more than a few puffs of an electronic cigarette, with or without nicotine,” says CAMH.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t exactly sound like an epidemic to us.

CAMH Study Findings

The study also found that:

  • 9% of students reported smoking regular cigarettes in the past year
  • 10% reported non-medical use of prescription opioids than smoked cigarettes
  • 5% reported using ecstasy
  • 20% reported using marijuana in the last year
  • 46% of students reported drinking alcohol, with 19% reporting getting blackout drunk at least once

Overall, 42% of high-school students reported using no drugs at all. The one exception is the use of energy drinks. The long term trend for using alcohol, marijuana and smoking are on the decline – which is great news.

Even though slightly more teens are using ecigarettes over regular cigarettes, many of these teens are choosing ejuice without nicotine. Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the survey is that more work needs to done to limit access to all of these items. Education, awareness and prevention are keys to ensuring our teens stay safe.


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ecigarette protest rally

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This past Saturday, December 5, 2015 saw hundreds of concerned citizens gathered outside Toronto’s Queen’s Park to protest Ontario’s Electronic Cigarette Act, which passed last May.  Schedule 3 of Bill-45, which passed third reading with an incredible (to us, anyway) vote of 99-1, puts the same restrictions on the use and sale of e-cigarettes as tobacco products.

Yes, you read that correctly. Ontario has effectively placed e-cigarettes in the same category as tobacco products. The act regulates where and how e-cigs can be purchased, sold and vaped, and also prohibits vape shops from demonstrating the proper usage of said devices.

Vapor Advocates of Ontario

The protest rally was organized by a brand new group formed just last week, Vapor Advocates of Ontario. The organization, as well as vapers and vape shop owners, believe Bill-45 places unnecessary barricades in front of the many tobacco smokers who want a safe and relatively painless method of giving up the nasty habit. Shouts of “Vaping is not smoking!” and “The smoke-free Ontario Act has failed!” rang out as clouds of vapor floated over the lawns of Queen’s Park.

Disappointingly, The Canadian Cancer Society sits on the fence and says it’s difficult to know what chemicals and ingredients are in e-liquid, and what their long-term effects might be. Here’s an idea CCS … talk to National Health in the U.K. and ask them why they’re actually considering supplying e-cigarettes to tobacco smokers who want to make the transition.

Ex-smokers Speak Out

Two ex-smokers were interviewed at the ecigarette protest rally and both told similar stories of how vaping helped them transition away from tobacco cigarettes. These stories aren’t new to us. One woman, a smoker of 35 years, told the crowd she smoked her last cigarette while her starter kit battery was charging. When she had some technical problems with her e-cigarette, she visited a vape shop, where staff showed her the correct way to operate, clean and fill her device with e-liquid – which from now on cannot happen because retailers are now prohibited from demonstrating e-cigarettes inside their shops. Genius!

Another male at the protest rally, a, two-pack-a-day ex-smoker began vaping three years ago and has never looked back. He admitted he started vaping because he thought ‘it was neat,’ but soon discovered not only was he saving money, but he felt better physically. No kidding.

We’re probably preaching to the choir here, so if Bill-45 annoys you as much as it annoys us, contact Vapor Advocates of Ontario  and write your MPP.


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mod standCan you believe it’s December already? Christmas is fast approaching. Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Looking for some stocking stuffers or last minute gift ideas for the vaper in your life?

We have you covered!

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Sometimes, shopping for someone else can be tricky. So if you’re not entirely sure what to get, opt for a gift card and let them choose their own perfect vaping Christmas gifts.

Happy Holidays!


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CDCAmerica’s Centre for Disease Control (CDC) consistently misrepresents e-cigarette statistics. Recently a spokesperson declared “the decline in teenage tobacco usage is too modest to be statistically significant.” We wish we could ask the CDC what they’re smoking!

Just over a year ago, the CDC’s Dr. Brian King published a report in Nicotine & Tobacco Research that at least 15 times referred to the increase in American e-cigarette usage, then concluded e-cigarette use is leveling off. Could you repeat that double-talk please?

What we’re saying here is that the CDC regularly picks and chooses what it will share with us from classified datasets, passes that info on to the media for slant augmentation, and the result is a story that cannot be challenged until months or even years later when those ‘secret’ datasets are finally released for public scrutiny. Why the American public puts up with such abuse of lawful authority by a taxpayer-funded public health agency is beyond us.

Once upon a time the CDC had an excellent reputation.  A recent investigative report published in the British Medical Journal questions the CDC’s integrity, specifically in its claim that “they have no financial interests or other relationships with the manufacturers of commercial products.” Right! The truth is the CDC has received, and continues to receive, millions of dollars from Big Pharma in ‘industry gifts and funding’ since 1983, and in fact, in 1995 President Bill Clinton approved legislation to encourage relationships between industry and the CDC. We think it’s safe to conclude the CDC is not a deity!

But let’s get back to vaping, e-cigarettes and teenagers. If e-cigs were more easily available to teenagers, maybe we wouldn’t see those hordes of teens clustered just outside the school boundaries smoking tobacco cigarettes. We know – it’s a radical idea, but that’s what we’re here for.  We think Jacob Sullum at Reason got it right when he said “Vaping rises to record highs, smoking falls to record lows, and activists insist e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking.”

We believe that e-cigarettes are the gateway away from tobacco smoking. What do you think?


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yes no maybe to vapingOne day after vapers in Ontario were granted permission to vape marijuana with medical authorization, the provincial government has decided to take a second look.

As stated on Radio Canada International, on November 25th, “The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care announced regulations to amend the Electronic Cigarette Act and the Smoke Free Ontario Act that the ban on using an e-cigarette in smoke-free places does not apply to a medical marijuana user who uses an e-cigarette for medical [purposes].”

This means that individuals with medical permission to use marijuana can now use electronic cigarettes and vape in public. This includes government buildings, parks, movie theatres, and restaurants.

The only caveat to the new law is that individual owners can override this rule and not allow vaping in their place of business. They can also ask for proof that a vaper is authorized to vape medical marijuana.

A move in the right direction and good news for the vaping community in Canada, right?

Not so fast!

Reports coming out on November 26th, only one day after new ecigarette rules that came into effect allowing people with medical marijuana to vape in public, state that the provincial government is taking a second drag on this new exemption and reconsidering the rules.

“We’ve heard about the concerns around this regulation,” Associate Health Minister Dipika Damerla said to Toronto Sun. “And we’re going to take this feedback and see if this regulation is the best way forward.”

“Similar exemptions are in place in both B.C. and Manitoba,” she said. “We’re talking about people who need this for a medical purpose. There could be situations where somebody needs it for pain management,” she adds.

Why is the government second guessing its decision?

As of January 1st, 2016, the government plans to ban the use of ecigarettes and vaping in all locations where cigarette smoking is currently prohibited. Also, news of the exemption have vaping opponents concerned about second hand smoke. These concerns are nothing new to the vaping community.

It will be interesting to watch this story as it develops.

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