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iFuse hybrid ecigAn innovative cigarette ‘alternative’ is about to be launched in Britain. British American Tobacco (BAT) will soon unveil it’s first ‘heat, not burn’ product in a mystery European market where the company’s Kent brand of tobacco cigarettes is popular. If the test marketing proves successful, BAT will execute a full launch in Britain shortly thereafter.

This trial is the latest cigarette alternative being offered by BAT. Philip Morris International, Imperial Tobacco and Japan Tobacco are also competing for position in the emerging ‘new product’ category to offset the decline of tobacco-related products.

Known as iFuse, this product is similar to an electronic cigarette in that it heats nicotine liquid to create vapour. The vapour then passes through a tobacco section for flavour. BAT senior executives claim it to be safer than a regular cigarette because the process of heating, rather than burning, reduces the amount of harmful chemicals released by the tobacco.

Ecig Sales Up, Tobacco Sales Down

Clearly Big Tobacco is concerned with recent stats that show British adult smoking has dropped from 27.4% in 1999 to 18.8% in 2014. In the USA, those percentages are 24.1% and 17.4% over the same time frame. And of course, BT is very aware that the proportion of former tobacco smokers who are now using e-cigarettes is on the rise, as reports continue to show that vaping is a safer alternative due to the lack of toxin-releasing combustion, not to mention the absence of second-hand smoke.

In fact, in August of this year, sales of e-cigarettes jumped a further 10% in the UK after Public Health England determined they were roughly 95% safer than regular tobacco cigarettes. There’s even a plan afoot to fund free e-cigarettes to those UK residents who can show their determination to give up tobacco alternatives. Pure genius, we say!

Accordng to Kingsley Wheaton, Director of New Technology at BAT, it is expected the iFuse will be regulated as a tobacco product, but the tax will probably be lower commensurate with the lower tobacco level.

We’re on it, folks. We’ll be watching and reporting back to you with any new developments on this front.


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Most people know of parfaits as popular summer dishes made of layered ice cream flavors, but they’re not always made with frozen ingredients only. Parfaits are French desserts that “may contain layers of ice cream or cream, and include nuts, syrups, whipped cream, fresh fruit, granola, and any number of other dessert style toppings” and served in a tall glass.

definition of parfait by The Free Dictionary

Vaping enthusiasts are already familiar with how parfaits work. Most e-juice flavors are made of a variety of ingredients, such as cream, honey, fruits, chocolate, and other flavorings. Here are four perfect parfait-inspired e-juice flavors you can enjoy this holiday season!

Snozz Creme Ejuice by Murica Vapor

Murica Vapor’s SNOZZCreme

One taste of this parfait-themed e-juice instantly satisfies your sweet tooth. It’s made with a choice selection of delicious berries coated in a sweet and smooth creme. It’s the perfect blend for an all-day-vape!

Rocket Man E-liquid by One Hit Wonder

This e-juice offers a balanced mix of lightly tart Greek yogurt, fresh mountain blueberries, and savory granola. From the subtle sweet tartness of the inhale to the palate-cleansing exhale, Rocket Man is a harmonious blend without equal among yogurt parfaits!

Ice Holes by Vapor Jedi

Vapor Jedi’s Ice Holes

This is a surprisingly addicting e-juice made from a harmonious blend of berries, fruits and wintergreen mint. You’ll feel like you’re eating a savory bowl of shaved ice topped with raspberries, blueberries and other delicious fruits. It’s sure to leave you feeling refreshed!

Menage A Trois by Temptations

Ménage A Trois by Temptations

Despite the titillating name, Temptations has created an e-juice that offers the delights of a French parfait with only three major ingredients: strawberries, custard and cinnamon. As the French often say: C’est La Vie!

In every gallery of e-juice flavors, you’ll find a variety of recipes that make use of cream, sugar, custard and other deliciously sweet ingredients. Choose those flavors that combine these sugary elements with fruits and berries, and you end up with a nice collection of parfait-like liquids for vaping.

vaping trendsSo, what are the next big vaping trends? It’s a question that is on the mind of many vapers, and since the industry continues to grow and evolve at a break neck pace, it seems as though there is always something new and exciting to look forward to.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 vaping trends as we head into 2016:

  1. From the fringe to cool community: The vaping community continues to grow. No longer is it a fringe community. It has evolved into an active and tightly knit community that people want to be involved with. It’s no longer a trend, it’s mainstream.
  1. It’s all about the mods: Mods are taking over. First-generation ecigarettes and vaping devices are quickly being replaced by mods. Expect to see more innovation in this area in coming months.
  1. Flavours rule: It looks like tobacco flavour is becoming less popular among vapers. Today’s ecigarette users are all about trying new flavours, especially dessert and candy flavours. Check out Choosing an Ejuice Flavour Based on the Food You Love.
  1. Fighting for the cause: The vaping community is strong, and they are willing to fight for their cause. Amid the backlash, a number of vaping advocacy groups are forming to combat unfair legislation. Stay tuned for more on that.
  1. Shopping online: While trying before you buy is a great way to see if you like a particular ecig device or ejuice flavour, vapers are increasingly shopping for their supplies online. It is the most affordable and convenient way to stock up. Plus, online ecigarette stores, like us, offer free shipping on large orders and provide other incentives to our customers.

Watch for more vaping trends and updates as we close in on 2016. And remember, the holidays are right around the corner! From mods to vaping accessories, and a huge selection of eliquid flavours to choose from, we have the perfect gift for the vaper in your life.


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vaping gift ideas‘Tis the Season… to visit for some of your gift-giving needs! It’s just five more weeks ’til Christmas, and Santa’s on his way!

That’s right folks, the countdown is on, and it’s time to get serious about gift shopping. If you’re reading this blog, you’re either already a vaper, you’re thinking about becoming a vaper (New Year’s resolution?) or you know someone is a vaper.

There’s a present for everyone on your vape list, and something to suit every budget. We thought we’d share our wish list with you – all of them affordable and all available to order online at

Vaping Gift Idea #1: E-juice

Greek Yogurt with Granola EjuiceLet’s begin with e-juice, the perfect stocking stuffer or small gift. Greek Yogurt with Granola and  Pineapple Melon Cream Yogurt by Yogen Fog sound too yummy to be true. Cocoberries by Cloud Connoisseurs is a coconut-lover’s dream, and Menage a Trois by Temptations is a sinful concoction of strawberries, custard and cinnamon. Explore our e-juice menu for more delightful and adventurous flavours!

Vaping gift Idea #2: Stainless Steel Clearomizer

We love the Eleaf BCC-GT stainless steel clearomizer with its newly designed dual bottom coil. It has a Pyrex glass tank (no plastic taste leaking into your e-juice!) and its dual coil head provides superior vapor and flavour. Best of all, it’s available in seven colours! At just $12.00 CAD, it’s a steal!

Vaping gift Idea #3: Accessories

rubber ecig battery standRubber battery stands are always needed by vapers. They get left behind in bars and cars and vapers can’t have enough of them. Luckily, they’re inexpensive. We like these battery stands and at $2.50 CAD each. They fit regular Ego batteries   and at that price you can afford to put together a gift pack, mixing and matching from a wide range of colours.

Vaping gift Idea #4: Swag

BeanieA VaporJedi T-shirt is sure to please anyone on your list. It’s available in white or black, embossed with the VaporJedi logo and comes in sizes small through triple XL.  We also like the matching  VaporJedi Beanie, available in black only with VaporJedi’s classic electric green and grey logo.

Vaping gift Idea #5: Starter Kits

ecig starter kitLet’s go back to the ‘resolution’ people. If you’re truly serious about quitting the tobacco habit, get yourself an e-cigarette starter kit.  These beginner kits include everything you need to get started. True story – this writer ordered a starter kit online, and from the moment it arrived in the mail over two years ago, she hasn’t smoked a tobacco cigarette. These kits cost less than a carton of Canadian cigarettes, so invest in yourself and your health!

Happy Ho-Ho!


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underage vapingIt is hard to imagine that one of the biggest arguments against vaping is that it’s a gateway to smoking for teens. Studies have proven it’s simply not true. This is an unfounded argument we hear time and time again from those who oppose vaping. It’s an easy argument to make, especially by people who are not educated about vaping and how it differs from smoking.

Members of the vaping community are happy to listen to objections and concerns as long they offer some sort of proof to connect ecigarettes to teen smokers. Big surprise – they can’t – because underage vaping is NOT a gateway to smoking for teens, or anyone else for that matter.

Survey says there’s no evidence that underage vaping leads to smoking in teens

A recent survey that was published in the journal Public Health has found no evidence linking ecigarettes as a gateway to smoking. The survey found that:

  • 93% of youths are aware that ecigarettes exist
  • Most young vapers were current or previous smokers
  • Most young people said that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes
  • 10% of 11-18 year olds said they have tried vaping “once or twice”
  • Only 2.4% of this age group vapes once per month

These findings are consistent with other studies that have been performed about the impact of underage vaping on teens and smokers.

“These results should reassure the public that electronic cigarettes are not linked with any rise in young people smoking,” said Hazel Cheeseman, Director of Policy at the anti-smoking charity Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), which commissioned the research carried out by YouGov, in the Independent.

“Although more young people are trying electronic cigarettes and many more young people are aware of them, this has not led to widespread, regular use or an increase in smoking,” Ms. Cheeseman said.

It’s natural that young people are going to want to experiment with new things – and they will. The key is to limit their access to things like ecigs, cigarettes and alcohol until they are legally allowed to purchase these products.

Learn more about ecigarettes and teens by reading:

UK Study Endorses E-Cig Vaping

Underage Vaping: Why Vaping Is Not Necessarily A Gateway To Smoking


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no vapingEdmonton, Alberta, is the latest Canadian city to jump on the e-cigarette hate wagon. Following Calgary’s lead, Edmonton has proclaimed a ban on the use of ecigs in all public places where smoking tobacco is also prohibited. In our ongoing quest to keep our vaping readers up to date on the latest e-cigarette legal information, public places where vaping is now banned include:

  • inside a building
  • on a patio (really?)
  • inside a public vehicle (bus, streetcar, tram, subway and/or taxi)
  • within five metres of a doorway, window or air intake of a building or patio
  • within ten metres of a playground, seasonal skating rink, skate park, sports field or water spray park or splash pad
  • and within all ‘no smoking’ areas

Calgary, Alberta, passed a very similar bylaw in June, 2015, and included everything Edmonton did, as well as bars, bus stops and LRT platforms. Yes – you heard right – vaping is banned at outdoor bus stops and on LRT platforms! Joining Red Deer, Cold Lake and Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary now have the toughest policies against ecigarettes in Canada. Vapers will be allowed to vape if they’re in a licensed vape shop trying out new equipment or e-juice.

US forbids airline passengers from packing ecigs in checked luggage

On to our neighbours to the south, where there’s some e-cigarette news that’s a little easier to take. Sensibly, a new federal regulation forbids airline passengers from packing electronic cigarettes or other battery-operated electronic smoking devices in their checked bags – to prevent in-flight fires. Passengers will still be allowed to pack their vape paraphernalia in their carry-ons, but will not be allowed to charge their devices while on the plane.

Apparently the US Department of Transportation has reported at least 26 packed luggage e-cig incidents since 2009 – including explosions and fires. The most likely cause is blamed on e-cigarettes that were accidently left on, were ’bumped’ on during baggage handling or had battery short-circuits. LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) even reported a checked bag that caught fire on the luggage carousal due to an overheated e-cig packed inside.

So whatever happened to vaping etiquette & common sense?

Should you vape in your office building or while visiting at the hospital? No! But should it be okay to vape on a pretty much vacant outdoor LRT or subway platform or at a bus stop? We think so!

What do you think?


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November is full of food-themed holidays. The month itself is associated with a couple of celebrations centered on food, goodwill and gratitude. The most prominent of them is Thanksgiving, which is two weeks from now. Today (November 11), we’re commemorating the yumminess of ice cream sundaes.


According to this blog on the National Geographic website, the International Ice Cream Association “puts vanilla at the top of the charts as first choice of 29 percent of ice-cream eaters, feebly followed by chocolate (8.9 percent), butter pecan (5.3 percent), and strawberry (5.3 percent).” If you’re feeling like chillin’ today with an all-day-vape liquid, then check out the following vanilla-flavored e-juices.


Creamsicle by Vapor Jedi

This e-juice has a chilling orange creamsicle flavor that’s perfect for today’s celebration of National Sundae Day. The exciting mix of orange and vanilla is layered with a cool sensation that “you will either love or you will hate.” Be forewarned that this flavor may contain traces of nuts.


Vapor Jedi’s Vanilla Bean

The classic, smooth taste of vanilla is embodied in Vapor Jedi’s Vanilla Bean. This e-juice has a sweet vanilla ice cream flavor that’s best enjoyed this day in November.


Jedi Pudding by Vapor Jedi

This e-juice tastes like creamy vanilla custard. It’s very smooth tasting like vanilla pudding or custard. It will surely have you drowning in a pool of your own drool! Be warned, however, that this e-juice flavor may contain traces of nuts.

vanilla citrus pound cake by glas

Pound Cake by Glas

This e-juice flavor brings back memories of eating lemon pound cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The version created by Glas is marked by its creamy and balanced flavor with notes of fresh citrus and vanilla on the inhale that is followed by hints of warm cake and lemon zest on the exhale. It’s available in 30 ml bottles with a weak strength of 3 mg of nicotine per milliliter of e-liquid.

Take note that every e-juice flavor from Vapor Jedi’s in-house collection comes with a 70/30 mix of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Only pharmceutical-grade ingredients were used in each bottle.

Hey, before you go…

Did you know that the biggest ice cream sundae in history was made in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, in 1988, and weighed in at over 24 tons? That would be around 6,614 gallons of ice cream. If it takes 12 pounds of milk to make just one gallon of ice cream, you can just imagine the amount needed to make the sweet and creamy frozen dessert that many people love to eat.