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A few vapers have raised the issue of gluten in e-juice, especially in bakery-inspired vapes or in flavored e-cig liquids that used extracts from wheat and other grains. These vapers have celiac, which narrows down their options for e-juice flavors. While inhalation of gluten isn’t as dangerous as drinking or eating it, there’s still a small chance that a celiac will be exposed to a tiny amount of gluten in e-juice flavorings. Vapers with non-celiac gluten sensitivity, however, don’t have anything to worry about.

Chemical Ingredients in E-juice Celiacs Should Avoid

It goes without saying that e-liquids with extracts of wheat, rye, barley, and other grains are the first to be thrown away. Next, immediately reject those e-juices that contain cow’s milk, sour cream, and whipped cream. Dairy products have lactose, which is a well-known dietary trigger for gastrointestinal problems. It’s also important that you avoid all forms of soy in your juice because it’s one of the foods most likely to cause allergic reactions.

After you have eliminated lactose and soy in your e-juice selection, start looking for flavored liquids that don’t have FODMAPs or fermentable, poorly absorbed short-chain carbohydrates, such as fructose and sugar alcohols like sorbitol and xylitol.

Suggested E-juice Flavors for Gluten-Free Vaping

Check out the following e-liquids for gluten-free vaping!

The Original Orange Julius by SCVC

The Original Orange Julius by SCVC

Made for you with our own tweaks and fine ingredients!

Caught in the Rain by Vapor Jedi (New Piña Colada Vape)

Caught in the Rain by Vapor Jedi

It’s the ultimate Piña Colada vape with a new refreshing flavor!

Don't Blink by Vapor Jedi (Pineapple Fruit Punch)


Don’t Blink by Vapor Jedi

Enjoy the sweet, tart flavor of the pineapple fruit. Don’t blink or you’ll miss the different fruit flavors that blend together like ice-cold Hawaiian punch.

If you’re a celiac or you have non-celiac gluten sensitivity, start a casual conversation with someone who’s a celiac and who’s been vaping for a long time. Learn all you can about vaping while managing your gastrointestinal illness.

Most importantly, learn to make your own e-juice, so you can mix and match your gluten-free ingredients in every recipe.

The delicious aroma and flavor of baked homemade bread serve as a source of comfort for those of you who grew up eating muffins and apple pie that were still warm from the oven. After all, the connection between smell, memory and emotion has been repeatedly proven by research.

The sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of our other senses. Those with full olfactory function may be able to think of smells that evoke particular memories; the scent of an orchard in blossom conjuring up recollections of a childhood picnic, for example. This can often happen spontaneously, with a smell acting as a trigger in recalling a long-forgotten event or experience. Marcel Proust, in his ‘Remembrance of all Things Past’, wrote that a bite of a madeleine vividly recalled childhood memories of his aunt giving him the very same cake before going to mass on a Sunday.

That’s why many e-juice makers are inspired to create flavors that mimic the scent and taste of classic homemade bread recipes. Here are four e-juice flavors that were created with the flavor and aroma of freshly baked bread in mind.

Mistress Eleanor by Cold Turkey Juice via Vapor Jedi

Mistress Eleanor by Cold Turkey Juice

This e-juice leaves a wonderful impression on you with its strong flavor of freshly baked banana bread that has hints of walnut and cinnamon in it. Mistress Eleanor by Cold Turkey Juice has an 80/20 VG-to-PG blend and it’s sold in 100 ml glass flasks, which are corked and sealed. A 30 ml unicorn bottle is provided in the package for easy dripping.

Muffinman by One Hit Wonder via Vapor Jedi

Muffinman by One Hit Wonder

Experience the robust flavor of apples on the inhale followed by the sweet undertones of cinnamon muffins in One Hit Wonder’s Muffin Man E-Liquid. It’s made using 100% TruNic that’s grown and extracted in Los Angeles, California. According to its product description, this e-juice “comes in one 6 oz. plastic squeeze bottle along with 2 empty 15 ml plastic unicorn bottles with green caps” and it’s available in three low-nicotine strengths.

Lemon Pie by Vapor Jedi

Lemon Pie by Vapor Jedi

Of course, the classic lemon pie is given its vape version in this well-loved e-juice flavor from Vapor Jedi. The sweet creamy notes of a meringue pie blend perfectly with the citrusy taste of lemon. Vapor Jedi’s Lemon Pie is made with kosher ingredients and a 70/30 ratio of vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol.

Vapor Jedi Fritter

Vapor Jedi’s Fritter E-Juice

If you have a love for pastries and other baked goods, then you’ll surely love the taste of apple Danish in your vape. This Fritter E-Liquid by Vapor Jedi is a full-bodied bakery vape with hints of cinnamon in it.

Check out these e-liquids at the Vapor Jedi website. Who knows? They could be your next all-day-vape inspirations. Be warned, however, that these e-juices may have traces of nuts in them.

If you’ve always loved the scent and taste of lemons in your food and drinks, then you’re probably happiest when you’re vaping nicotine juice with a citrus flavor. However, you didn’t have to spend hours searching the internet and the local vape shops for those drool-worthy finds.

Check out the following lemon-themed e-juices and see which flavors have been making you swoon like an infatuated schoolgirl.


Lemon Pound Cake by GLAS

This exciting e-juice is marked by a creamy and balanced flavor with notes of fresh citrus and vanilla on the inhale and followed by hints of warm cake and lemon zest on the exhale. It’s available in a 30ml bottle with a 3mg nicotine strength.


Devil’s Cake by SLSTCE

Enjoy the decadent taste of pound cake with a soft fluffy center made of crisp lemon in a standard bottle of this flavorful e-juice from SLSTCE. The creamy goodness of the batter screams pure joy from inhale to exhale in this devilishly delicious dessert vape. Each bottle has 3 mg of nicotine strength.


Vapor Jedi’s Lemon Pie

This e-juice celebrates the flavor of a tasty lemon meringue pie. The sweet creamy notes of the meringue blended perfectly with the sharp tangy taste of lemon and the crunchy pie crust. There isn’t too much citrus in it to sour the experience for you, and it has “just enough of everything to leave your mouth watering and have you hungry for another piece” as the product label says.


Lemon Cake FV by Green Stars

This is one of the citrus-inspired e-juice flavors that you’ll enjoy puffing on any day of the week. You’ll be enervated with the hint of lime zest in this tasty lemon cake flavored e-liquid. Choose any of three nicotine strengths: 0mg, 3mg and 6mg.


Raspberry Fizz FV by Green Stars

This fruity e-juice is another gift from the citrus god. It may be inspired by the juicy flavor of raspberries, but there’s a zing to it courtesy of lemons and some spearmint for a refreshing after-taste. Enjoy this amazing e-liquid in any of three nicotine strengths: 0mg, 3mg and 6mg.

If your kind of citrus wasn’t lemon, then you’d also enjoy the flavored e-liquids from Vapor Jedi that had extracts of oranges or limes added to them. Browse our gallery of flavored e-liquids through our online store.

Photo Credit:Mum’s lemon meringue pie, two slices” by jules – originally posted to Flickr as mum’s lemon meringue pie. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Most people know of parfaits as popular summer dishes made of layered ice cream flavors, but they’re not always made with frozen ingredients only. Parfaits are French desserts that “may contain layers of ice cream or cream, and include nuts, syrups, whipped cream, fresh fruit, granola, and any number of other dessert style toppings” and served in a tall glass.

definition of parfait by The Free Dictionary

Vaping enthusiasts are already familiar with how parfaits work. Most e-juice flavors are made of a variety of ingredients, such as cream, honey, fruits, chocolate, and other flavorings. Here are four perfect parfait-inspired e-juice flavors you can enjoy this holiday season!

Snozz Creme Ejuice by Murica Vapor

Murica Vapor’s SNOZZCreme

One taste of this parfait-themed e-juice instantly satisfies your sweet tooth. It’s made with a choice selection of delicious berries coated in a sweet and smooth creme. It’s the perfect blend for an all-day-vape!

Rocket Man E-liquid by One Hit Wonder

This e-juice offers a balanced mix of lightly tart Greek yogurt, fresh mountain blueberries, and savory granola. From the subtle sweet tartness of the inhale to the palate-cleansing exhale, Rocket Man is a harmonious blend without equal among yogurt parfaits!

Ice Holes by Vapor Jedi

Vapor Jedi’s Ice Holes

This is a surprisingly addicting e-juice made from a harmonious blend of berries, fruits and wintergreen mint. You’ll feel like you’re eating a savory bowl of shaved ice topped with raspberries, blueberries and other delicious fruits. It’s sure to leave you feeling refreshed!

Menage A Trois by Temptations

Ménage A Trois by Temptations

Despite the titillating name, Temptations has created an e-juice that offers the delights of a French parfait with only three major ingredients: strawberries, custard and cinnamon. As the French often say: C’est La Vie!

In every gallery of e-juice flavors, you’ll find a variety of recipes that make use of cream, sugar, custard and other deliciously sweet ingredients. Choose those flavors that combine these sugary elements with fruits and berries, and you end up with a nice collection of parfait-like liquids for vaping.

November is full of food-themed holidays. The month itself is associated with a couple of celebrations centered on food, goodwill and gratitude. The most prominent of them is Thanksgiving, which is two weeks from now. Today (November 11), we’re commemorating the yumminess of ice cream sundaes.


According to this blog on the National Geographic website, the International Ice Cream Association “puts vanilla at the top of the charts as first choice of 29 percent of ice-cream eaters, feebly followed by chocolate (8.9 percent), butter pecan (5.3 percent), and strawberry (5.3 percent).” If you’re feeling like chillin’ today with an all-day-vape liquid, then check out the following vanilla-flavored e-juices.


Creamsicle by Vapor Jedi

This e-juice has a chilling orange creamsicle flavor that’s perfect for today’s celebration of National Sundae Day. The exciting mix of orange and vanilla is layered with a cool sensation that “you will either love or you will hate.” Be forewarned that this flavor may contain traces of nuts.


Vapor Jedi’s Vanilla Bean

The classic, smooth taste of vanilla is embodied in Vapor Jedi’s Vanilla Bean. This e-juice has a sweet vanilla ice cream flavor that’s best enjoyed this day in November.


Jedi Pudding by Vapor Jedi

This e-juice tastes like creamy vanilla custard. It’s very smooth tasting like vanilla pudding or custard. It will surely have you drowning in a pool of your own drool! Be warned, however, that this e-juice flavor may contain traces of nuts.

vanilla citrus pound cake by glas

Pound Cake by Glas

This e-juice flavor brings back memories of eating lemon pound cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The version created by Glas is marked by its creamy and balanced flavor with notes of fresh citrus and vanilla on the inhale that is followed by hints of warm cake and lemon zest on the exhale. It’s available in 30 ml bottles with a weak strength of 3 mg of nicotine per milliliter of e-liquid.

Take note that every e-juice flavor from Vapor Jedi’s in-house collection comes with a 70/30 mix of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Only pharmceutical-grade ingredients were used in each bottle.

Hey, before you go…

Did you know that the biggest ice cream sundae in history was made in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, in 1988, and weighed in at over 24 tons? That would be around 6,614 gallons of ice cream. If it takes 12 pounds of milk to make just one gallon of ice cream, you can just imagine the amount needed to make the sweet and creamy frozen dessert that many people love to eat.

anything made of chocolate is good for you

National Chocolate Day is celebrated on October 28 every year. Most people love this delicious food made from “the seed of the tropical Theobroma cacao tree.”

Cacao, which has been cultivated for at least three millennia, is grown in Mexico, Central America and Northern South America. The earliest known documentation of using cacao seeds is from around 1100 BC. The cacao tree seeds have a very intense, bitter taste that must be fermented to develop the flavor.

It seems that eating dark chocolate has many health benefits, including better blood circulation, growth of good bacteria in the gut, introduction of antioxidants that fight inflammation, and the positive effect of lowering one’s blood pressure.

If you’re a vaping enthusiast and a lover of all things made with chocolate, why not celebrate National Chocolate Day with these six mouth-watering e-juice flavors?

chocolate mint ejuice flavor by Vapor Jedi

Vapor Jedi’s Chocolate Mint

This proprietary chocolate-inspired recipe for ejuice offers the deep dark delights of cocoa with a refreshing hint of mint. It’s the perfect all-day-vape aphrodisiac for all chocolate lovers.

It comes in 10 ml, 30 ml, and 140 ml bottles with a full range of nicotine strengths from zero to eighteen. Rest assured each bottle carries pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.

Malt Shoppe Mayhem

This top-rated ejuice flavor brings the classic creamy taste of chocolate malted milkshake to vapers everywhere in standard bottles of 10 ml, 30 ml, and 120 ml with varying nicotine strengths. Choose the amount of nicotine you want to vape from among a zero-nicotine version of this e-liquid, a very mild option that offers 3 mg or 6 mg in every milliliter, and a stimulating choice of either 12 mg or 18 mg per ml in a bottle.

Sir Monkey by Snoogy Ejuice Flavor

Sir Monkey by Snoogy

This best-selling ejuice recipe carries the distinctive flavor of ripe bananas along with a strong hint of dark chocolate that’s absolutely perfect for someone who has a huge sweet tooth and who loves to vape e-liquids in dessert-inspired flavors. Each standard-size bottle of e-liquid is offered in three nicotine strengths – namely, 0 mg, 3 mg and 6 mg per milliliter – for a light and smooth vaping experience.


Vapor Jedi’s Late Night Snack

This e-juice recipe by Vapor Jedi blends the luscious flavors of ripe bananas with the creamy nuttiness of peanut butter and the rich, smooth taste of melted chocolate. Every vape you take of this e-liquid brings back memories of you making those late-night trips to the kitchen to finish drinking a mug of hot cocoa or warm milk and to quickly fill your belly with a light midnight snack either before going to bed or after waking up suddenly and feeling hungry or thirsty in the middle of the night.

zomby woof tobacco chocolate ejuice flavor

Zoomby Woof by Vapor Jedi

Aside from being one of the most Halloween-centric e-liquids to enjoy this weekend, this all-day-vape ejuice flavor also packs a punch for lovers of chocolates and cigars everywhere! Enjoy the full-bodied aroma and robust flavor of real tobacco leaves in every vape – along with hints of chocolate and vanilla, and a light nuttiness, in the after-taste.

This e-juice recipe from Vapor Jedi comes in standard-size bottles of 10 ml, 30 ml and 140 ml made of tinted glass or any opaque material and tightly secured with child-proof dripping caps. Choose your preferred nicotine level, which ranges from the very light or mild (0 to 6 mg per ml) to the slightly harsh (12 to 18 mg per ml) in flavor and strength.


Black Cigar by Vapor Jedi

Enjoy the rich flavor of tobacco mixed with the smooth taste of dark chocolate in this special ejuice flavor from Vapor Jedi’s in-house collection! A zero-nicotine version of this cigar-flavored e-juice is available for those who’d completely sworn off exposure to nicotine in whatever form, but would like to take a nostalgic trip to the past.

Select a high-nicotine level of 12 mg or 18 mg per ml for this particular flavor, and make sure you have a proportionate ratio of 70% of VG to 30% of PG in the e-liquid, to make your vaping experience as closely similar to smoking a hand-rolled cigar or cigarette in real life as possible. For a very mild tobacco taste in every vape, choose an e-juice with either 3 mg or 6 mg of nicotine per ml in a bottle.

Upgrade your supply of your favorite e-juice from a standard size of 10 ml or 30 ml to a large 140 ml bottle that will probably last you anywhere from two to four weeks.

Don’t Limit Your Choices to These Six

Among the six chocolate-inspired flavors of e-liquids featured in this article, four of these e-juice recipes were created by Vapor Jedi, which is one of North America’s most trusted retailers of quality brands of electronic cigarettes, vape pens and mods, atomizers, drip tips, rebuilding tools, coiling materials, and other related merchandise.

Browse Vapor Jedi’s collection of all kinds of e-juice products, which customers can find and filter the search results based on their flavor profiles and brand names.

Did you know National Nut Day is celebrated on October 22? And, did you also know that peanuts are legumes? Although peanuts aren’t considered nuts, they’re too important in our national diet that we can’t easily dismiss them. So, to celebrate National Nut Day let’s try these five best-selling nutty e-juice flavors for fun.

Mr Crunch by Snoogy E-juice Flavor

Mr. Crunch By Snoogy

This e-juice flavor leaves a satisfying feeling of fullness. It’s made from good fresh peanuts and leaves behind a super aftertaste of creamy butterscotch. Yum-yum!

It’s available in zero-nicotine bottles as well as 3 mg and 6 mg per milliliter bottles.

Kaptain Krunch Peanut Butter Ejuice Flavor by Lost Art Liquids

Kaptain Peanut Butter Crunch by Lost Art Liquids (30 ml)

The product description for this e-juice flavor says it all:

The Kaptain Peanut Butter Crunch by Lost Art is not just another peanut butter e-liquid. It brings out the flavours of creamy milk and peanut at the same time. From your childhood memory of the captain crunch to a perfect cereal bowl, this is the flavor for you.

Kaptain Peanut Butter Crunch is a perfect blend of peanut butter and your favorite cereal. This is an excellent choice for your new all day vape!

It’s only available in 30 ml bottles, and customers have a choice between 3 mg and 6 mg nicotine strengths.

Nutz Ejuice Flavor by Cosmic Fog

Nutz by Cosmic Fog

Go nuts over this e-juice flavor made of sweet and juicy strawberry preserve that’s spread evenly over fresh ground almond butter. Everything is infused with the most subtle notes of whipped honey crème.

They’re stocked in 30 ml bottles only. Customers have a choice between 3 mg and 6 mg nicotine strengths.

Parallel Ejuice Flavor by Coil Oil

Parallel by Coil Oil

This e-juice flavor mimics the experience of eating a decadent almond and blueberry oat bar. Nicotine strengths vary from zero-nic to 3 mg and 6 mg per milliliter in each standard bottle.

Apollo Greek Yogurt Granola

Apollo by Yogen Fog

This e-juice flavor is a lovely blend of Greek yogurt and healthy granola. If you don’t already know what a granola is, it’s described as “a breakfast food and snack food consisting of rolled oats, nuts, honey, and sometimes puffed rice.” Enjoy this breakfast-inspired e-liquid in zero-nicotine bottles or in low-level nicotine strengths of 3 mg and 6 mg per milliliter.

There are more e-juice flavors out there that use a variety of nuts as their main flavoring ingredients. Be wary of vaping e-juice flavors with ingredients that may cause allergic reactions in you or someone you know. Most e-juice bottles have warning labels regarding the presence of allergens in the flavored liquid.